The best European breakfasts in Alanya

Moving to live in Turkey, we, of course, for the first period of time, eagerly enjoy the variety of gastronomic pleasures of this country. We start our day with an authentic traditional Turkish breakfast, continue with the fragrant king of local soups – lentil soup, and end the evening with the well-known adana kebab. However, there always comes a time when people begin to miss their native and familiar food, and especially breakfasts, where you could eat toast with avocado and salmon, croissants with fragrant coffee, oatmeal, cheesecakes (called syrniki) or pancakes so dear to us. Fortunately, Alanya, in this regard, is rich in establishments in which all of the listed dishes can be tasted with great pleasure. And today we will generously share such establishments with you.

  • Opens today's favorites list a cozy cafe "Atelier Creme" in the heart of the city near the sea port of Alanya. Here your eyes will run wide from the abundance of incredibly delicious items on the menu. English breakfast, French breakfast, the restaurant's signature breakfast, consisting of hits from the most beloved dishes for the morning meal, cheesecakes (syrniki), waffles, avocado toasts and toasts with eggs benedict and truffle cream, and much more. Finding a free table here, especially in the morning, is not an easy task, which directly proves the special popularity of the establishment and the excellent taste of the dishes prepared here. This cafe also has a branch in the Oba area.


  • The next gastronomic point on the map of Alanya is Cafe Local. It serves amazing croissants with a variety of hearty and sweet fillings, granola with yogurt, fruits and berries, pancakes, smoothie bowls. We strongly recommend that you look there not only for breakfast, but also for an Italian lunch, because they also serve a perfect pizza and much more.
  • Incredibly delicious cheesecakes (syrniki), bowls, croissants and desserts are served in a cozy coffee shop "Daphne's Coffee&Tea".
  • Smoothie bowls, sandwiches, croissants and laconic cozy atmosphere - all this harmonizes perfectly in the cute coffee shop "Seventy Seven Coffee & Bakery" in the city center.
  • So, here is cafe, where you will find an amazing palette of unusual tastes. It serves vegan tofu cheesecakes (syrniki), corn pancakes, tomato oatmeal with hummus and poached egg, pumpkin porridge, benedict toast and more. Harmony of taste guaranteed!

Alanya is an amazing place. Here you can drown in the variety of not only traditional Turkish breakfasts, but also dishes for the morning meal with a European taste and the taste of our childhood. Enjoy your perfect breakfast and experience gastronomic pleasure by visiting the establishments in our favorites guide!

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