Technical passport for real estate in Turkey

 Today, more and more people are looking to buy property in Turkey. This direction is very popular and profitable for investment. Future investors should be very careful about checking the documentation for the purchased object, and especially the technical passport (ISKAN). Today we will take a closer look at the issue of a technical passport for real estate in Turkey.

What is Iskan

Iskan (ISKAN) is a technical passport of a property. This document indicates such data as the number of apartments in the building, the number of floors, living space, moments of engineering networks, and more. This document is issued in the city municipality upon assessment by the state commission.

The technical passport is an extremely important document confirming that the building is ready for operation, and that all the necessary technical standards have been met in the prescribed manner. The absence of a technical passport can lead to serious problems with real estate in the future, and it will be extremely difficult to resell it.

A technical passport may be missing, but only if the facility is still under construction. The developer initially indicates the time frame during which, upon completion of construction, he will receive Iskan for the house.

Types of Iskan

The technical passport is of two types:

  • Genel Iskan

The developer receives this technical passport for the whole house when it is put into operation. The document confirms that all necessary construction standards have been met and this building can be connected to engineering networks.

  • Ferdi Iskan

Individual registration certificate for the apartment. This type of search already contains information about the apartment, namely its area, number of rooms, owner's data, address of the house. Ferdi Iskan is issued only once by the first owner of the apartment, and then transferred to the subsequent owner upon resale of the apartment.

Important! Genel Iskan and Ferdi Iskan are technical documents issued for houses that were commissioned before 2020. Since 2020, a new rule has come into force, according to which it is now necessary to issue a single Iskan format - Toplu Iskan. Old-style documents also retain their legal force.

Toplu Iskan (Yapı Kullanma İzin Belgesi) is a single technical passport for the building and all apartments in it.

We recommend that all investors carefully check the documents and especially the technical passport for the building.

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