Setting Up a Business in Turkey

Setting Up a Business in Turkey

Setting up a business in Turkey is one of the most valuable options for foreign investors. Let's take a closer look at why this initiative, which also means to make a new investment in Turkey, is attractive!

Why Start a Business in Turkey?

Turkey; In addition to being a very powerful country economically, socially, and politically, is a very dynamic country with a population of nearly 85 million. Invaluable opportunities are offered to foreign investors to establish a new business and conduct economic activities in Turkey. In this sense, almost every investor who wants to invest in Turkey is recommended to direct their investments with the support of the right consultancy services.

How to Start a New Business in Turkey?

As a foreign entrepreneur, it is recommended that you first seek legal advice to invest in Turkey. The fact that the legal system in Turkey is quite comprehensive requires acting within the legal framework. You will be able to establish a profitable and sustainable business in Turkey with the support of a legal advisor who knows the legal framework.

It is worth mentioning that if you do not get legal support, the risks you may face may be high. This actually reveals the value of consultancy for a quality investment process. In addition to the real estate consultancy, we offer you, you should definitely contact us in order to meet your legal needs.

What Kind of Business Can Foreigners Establish in Turkey?

There are many questions about what kind of business foreigners who want to invest in Turkey can establish. However, it should be noted right away that there are no restrictions for investors in starting a business. Any business established within the legal limits can be managed by foreigners. Therefore, it should be noted that foreign investors have vast opportunities in Turkey.

You can benefit from the privileges of being a foreign investor by making a new breakthrough in areas such as a service organization, industrial enterprise, or agricultural enterprise. Especially, thanks to the privileges provided to foreign investors, investing will be beyond your expectations!

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

Investing in Turkey is not only a new business opportunity for foreigners but also very valuable in terms of obtaining citizenship. It is stated that foreign investors who meet certain conditions in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship in accordance with the legal regulation in 2018. These conditions are as follows;

  • Employing 50 people in Turkey,

  • To make a capital investment of 500.000 USD,

  • Keep $ 500,000 in a bank account in Turkey.

If you meet one of the above conditions or if you will provide it when you make your investment, you should apply for Turkish citizenship without wasting time. Especially considering that the passport of the Republic of Turkey is more valuable every day, it will be very valuable to invest in Turkey and acquire citizenship!

Would you like to contact us to become a Turkish citizen by fulfilling one of these conditions?

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