Real estate investment in Alanya

     Alanya is the southernmost point of Turkey and one of the most popular resorts on the Mediterranean coast of this country. The climate, favorable weather conditions, the number of sunny days a year, the availability of fresh vegetables and fruits, the ecologically clean area of ​​the city's location annually attract not only tourists to spend a wonderful holiday here, but also investors to purchase residential, commercial real estate or land here.

     The southern and western coasts of Turkey receive the most investment inflows. Alanya and Antalya play a huge role in increasing these investments.


     Real estate for investment in Alanya is the most affordable in terms of prices in comparison with other cities of Turkey. In 2022, there was a rapid increase in prices in the real estate area. The jump was 200-230% compared to the previous year. However, even with greatly increased real estate prices, Alanya continues to be the most affordable investment choice.

Return on investment

     The return on investment depends on the type of initial investment. It can be a long-term investment (acquisition of real estate for own residence or renting out) or short-term (quick resale of real estate). In the case of long-term investments, the return on investment will average from 19 to 28 years, since over a given period of time the value of real estate in dollar terms will increase at least 2 times. And by renting out such real estate, investors significantly reduce the return on investment. Estimated average income from a middle class apartment in Alanya will be $900-1100 per month.

     Investment income from short-term investments with a quick resale in 8-12 months will be up to 20-25% per annum among the best developers in Alanya.

The importance of document review

     When purchasing real estate, you must clearly make sure that you have all the necessary documents for this property. Sometimes there are situations when investors, after signing the contract and transferring funds, find out about the absence of any important document, or, on the contrary, about the presence of a very unpleasant moment - the property being pledged.

     An important document that must be available is the Iskan (technical passport of the building), without which the further resale of real estate will be impossible, and without which difficulties may arise in the process of living in this apartment or house, because the absence of an Iskan may indicate that the developer may have debts or other problems.

  Investing in real estate in Alanya is a promising and profitable solution for realizing your investments. We sincerely recommend to you to cooperate with proven and reliable agencies in order to be sure of the safety of your investments.

 Our company will gladly assist you in choosing and acquiring the desired investment property.

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