Purchase of land in Turkey

    The Republic of Turkey is an attractive place not only for buying real estate, but also for purchasing land. These years, the purchase of land has become especially popular among foreigners. However, there are some features and restrictions for the acquisition of personal ownership of a piece of land in Turkey. Let's take a detailed look at all the features and subtleties of this process.

     All land plots in the Republic of Turkey are divided into plots for agriculture and plots for further construction. Moreover, there are two types of building plots. This is the construction of residential real estate and the construction of commercial real estate. There are also lands owned exclusively by the state. Let's take a detailed look at each category of land:

  1. 1.    Land for the construction of residential real estate.

On the acquired land, the owner can build private property (house or villa) or a residential complex. In the documentation, such property is referred to as Konut imarli arsa. Moreover, it is forbidden to plant any kind of plantation on this kind of site, and only allowed to have a small private garden.

  1. 2.    Plots for the construction of commercial real estate.

The acquisition of this type of land provides for the construction of commercial facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, beauty salons, office space. In the documentation, the land for commercial real estate is designated as Ticari imarlı arsa.

    In addition, there is an important condition that a foreign citizen who purchases land for development must fulfill. This condition applies to the period of construction on the purchased plot. The municipality of the city issues a building permit for a period of five years. If, after this period, the construction is not completed, the city authorities will put up for auction the project at the stage of development at which this project was.

  1. 3.    Plots of land for agriculture.

Under the more complicated conditions in the legislation, a foreign citizen has the right to purchase agricultural land only if the purpose of acquiring this type of land is to invest in the agriculture of Turkey, to build plants and factories in these territories. On these agricultural lands, you can also grow vegetables and fruits, and raise livestock. Foreigners have the right to buy such land plots only with an area of ​​not more than 30 hectares. In the documentation, a piece of land for agriculture is designated as TARLA.

  1. 4.    State lands.

This type of land is not subject to acquisition in private hands. State lands can only be taken on a long-term lease.

Features of acquiring land in Turkey

  • For foreign citizens, there are certain restrictions on the acquisition of land. So, for example, citizens of Russia and Ukraine do not have the right to buy property on the Black Sea coast in Turkey. And the citizens of Greece do not have the right to such a purchase on the shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.
  • All land plots intended for development are included in the register of the Cadastral Department of the Republic of Turkey.
  • The sale of land plots is strictly prohibited in those areas of the country where there are national parks, nature reserves and other specially protected natural areas.
  • The acquisition of land is also the basis for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, depending on the amount of investment.

     To purchase a land plot, it is best to contact a trusted real estate agency that will help you choose the right plot of land, as well as competently draw up all the necessary documents.

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