Payment for real estate in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is a desirable place for the acquisition of real estate by foreigners. And every year investors from all over the world come here to realize this goal. There are several ways to pay for the acquired property. Let's consider each of them.

Payment types:

  • Bank transfer

The transfer can be made to the seller's bank account or to a personal account opened with a Turkish bank. When transferring to the seller's bank account, it must be made on the day the certificate of ownership is reissued. The commission for such a transfer, as a rule, is 0.5% of the amount. You can also open a personal account in a Turkish bank and transfer funds to pay for real estate to your account. It is also possible to transfer from a legal entity.

  • Cash

Payment for real estate in cash is possible either by means of the amount brought with you for payment, or by cashing out money in a Turkish ATM.

  • Cryptocurrency payment

Payment is made by the buyer transferring cryptocurrency to the electronic wallet of the real estate company or developer, after which the received amount in cryptocurrency is converted into physical money.

Thus, we have considered the possible options for paying for real estate in Turkey. The choice of the most suitable payment method is left to the investor.


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