Mahmutlar is the most Russian-speaking area of Alanya

Today we will talk about the most densely populated Russian-speaking area in Alanya - the Mahmutlar area.

Mahmutlar is one of the eastern points of the city and is 12 km away from the city center. However, even its remoteness from the center does not create obstacles for free movement to the main attractions of Alanya. In addition, the remoteness of Mahmutlar from the city center does not at all scare those who want to live here, because this area is so equipped with all the necessary infrastructure that locals often call it a separate city.

Here you can find everything: numerous cafes and restaurants, cozy parks for walking with children and animals, medical clinics, at least 3 shops specializing in selling products familiar to residents of the CIS countries (such as condensed milk (they call it sgushenka), sour cream (they call it Smetana) , cottage cheese (tvorog), dumplings (pelmeni), sausages and much more ), which are extremely difficult to find in Turkish chain stores. There is also a recently opened shopping complex with boutiques of famous Turkish brands of clothing and footwear, household utensils and beauty stores.

And women will be even more pleasantly surprised by the number of beauty salons that provide beauty services in a high quality. In these salons, masters from the CIS countries mainly work. This fact makes speaking between master and client much more easy.

Mahmutlar is also a venue for a large variety of quizzes, intellectual games, speaking clubs, meetings of interest, dance evenings such as salsa and bachata parties. This area is also famous for the level of the sports sector, because there are many first-class fitness clubs, stretching and pilates studios, studios for various types of wrestling, dance schools work here.

And if you have children, then Russian-speaking kindergartens are perfectly located in Mahmutlar. Moreover, there are sections on different sports for children. These are swimming, gymnastics and more.

And if you walk in the cozy and incredibly beautiful streets of Mahmutlar, you will notice a huge number of cars in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh car numbers, which again makes us understand how many people from the CIS countries live here, so warm feeling of native speech is created around and people have more opportunities to make a good contacts, friendship.

As you can see, this area is quite richly and variously equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable life in exile.

Mahmutlar meets with awe and comfort and is glad to every person who comes!

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