Kinds of investment in Turkey

Turkey is an attractive place not only to have a wonderful rest here, but also for investors who are ready to invest part of their capital in various sectors of economy of the country. Today we will take a closer look at the directions for investing in the Republic of Turkey.

Relevance of investing in Turkey

     Why is it worth investing in various sectors of the economy in Turkey?

  1. Favorable strategic position of the country. Turkey is located in such an advantageous area that it has access to 3 seas and thanks to this it has the opportunity to access more than 1.5 billion customers from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia
  2. Stability in the political sphere
  3. Developed economy
  4. Low tax rate

Types of investments in Turkey

  • Investment in real estate.

This direction is the most popular due to the high investment yield from the subsequent sale of real estate, a favorable climate, an affordable standard of living

  • Investment in agriculture.

Turkey is rich in fertile lands, which allow growing a huge number of crops.

  • Investment in tourism

Tourism is one of the most important areas of the Turkish economy, because every year the country and its many-sided and numerous natural attractions and resorts are visited by millions of people. The sphere of tourism and investment is vast. After all, the existing areas of health, religious, medical tourism are widely developed and are in high demand.

  • Investing in health.

Turkey is very popular in the medical field, because a huge number of people from all over the world come here for examinations or inpatient treatment, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, dental services and more.

  • Investment in industry.

Turkey has a huge number of industrial zones and facilities, factories and factories that develop certain types of industry, which bring huge income to the state.

Benefits of investing in the Republic of Turkey

  1. Reduced tax rate for real estate investment in the country
  2. Facilitate the payment of value added tax (VAT)
  3. Financial support of the state
  4. Obtaining the citizenship of the country for investment
  5. Support for social insurance contributions in the country

     Thus, Turkey is a very attractive and promising region for investing in various sectors of the country's economy.

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