How to Get a Turkey Visa

How to Get a Turkey Visa?


The Turkey e-Visa is an official document that allows entry into Turkey. Eligible nationalities can easily obtain their Turkey e-Visa via an online application. E-visa, which is one of the frequently preferred visa types today, replaces the "label visa" and "stamp-type" visa previously issued at border crossings.

Eligible travelers only need an Internet connection to complete their application with the e-visa.


Who Should Get a Visa to Go to Turkey?


Foreign passengers wishing to travel to Turkey must apply for either a visa or an electronic travel permit. To obtain a visa, citizens of many countries are required to attend an embassy or consulate. However, to apply for a Turkey e-Visa, the traveler can fill out the online form which takes only a few minutes. Applicants should be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for the system to process e-Visa applications.


Citizens of more than 100 eligible countries can obtain a Turkish visa. When traveling to Turkey, most nationalities must have a passport valid for at least 60 days beyond the expected duration of stay in the country.


Can Those Who Exceed The Visa Period Stay In Turkey?


The overstay of your visa is taken seriously by the Turkish authorities. If you exceed your visa, you will be fined on departure. The fines vary depending on the length of your overstay. If you have overstayed and received a fine, you must apply to a Turkish Embassy or Consulate abroad for the next visa before traveling. In addition, you may be banned from re-entering Turkey for a period of time as follows:

Overstay less than 15 days: No ban.

Overstay 16-90 days: banned for up to three months.

Overstay more than 90 days, ie from the 91st day: banned for up to six months.


Visa Types in Turkey


Turkey visa application must be made according to the type of visa suitable for travel.


Short Term Visa


A short-term visa is considered in the short-term visa category, which is issued within a maximum of 180 days with registrations not exceeding 90 days.


Turkey Tourism Visa


A tourist visa is expressed as the type of visa that must apply to those who travel to Turkey for tourist activities. Citizens of countries that have mutual visa exemption agreements with Turkey are exempt from visas within the period specified for their country. Those staying longer than the specified time in the country must apply for a tourist visa.


You can also get a tourism visa for business events, seminars, festivals and conferences, sporting events, cultural events, and business negotiations. Tourist visas can be obtained with single, double, or multiple entry rights, depending on the citizens' wishes.


Residence permit


It is a type of permit applied by people who want to live in Turkey permanently. Residence permit can be obtained depending on various conditions.

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