E-Devlet in Turkey

Today, thanks to the state portal e-Devlet, the population of the Republic of Turkey can use the services provided by state and private institutions of the country. Let's take a closer look at what kind of portal it is and what specific services you can get.

What is e-Devlet

     The e-Devlet portal is a government system through which residents have access to state and municipal services in the Republic of Turkey. This system allows in a matter of minutes to issue the necessary certificates and resolve certain issues online, without personally visiting a specific government agency.

The e-devlet system has the following advantages:

  • Saving time for applying for a service
  • Providing the necessary information quickly and efficiently
  • Reliability of provided services
  • Round the clock availability

Services provided in e-Devlet

  • Legal services
  • Making payments
  • Information and reference services
  • Public utilities
  • Educational services
  • Tax payment services
  • Healthcare
  • Social security services
  • Registration of a foreign phone
  • Information about duty pharmacies in different cities of the country

Registration on the portal

     First of all, it should be noted that only citizens of the country or residents of the Republic of Turkey (having a residence permit in Turkey) can register on the portal. Access to the system is possible on the official website www.turkiye.gov.tr or in a mobile application.

     To enter the system, a unique identification code is required, which can be obtained at any Ptt post office upon presentation of a Turkish citizen's passport or residence permit.

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