Design Your Future in Turkey

Design Your Future in Turkey

  In recent years, foreign investors have been wondering whether Turkey is a good investment country or not. The real estate sector is one of the sectors that continues to grow. Many foreign investors continue to invest in Turkey by purchasing different real estate in the real estate sector. You can invest in real estate in Turkey to design and build your future in Turkey.

  In 2018, 40,000 real estate sales were made to investors from various countries in our country. Considering that there has been a steady increase in the last 3 years, investing in Turkey could be a step towards saving your future.

How Does Investing in Turkey Affect Your Future?

  High-quality projects have been carried out in Turkey in recent years, but foreign investors do not turn to investments due to high prices. However, with the depreciation of the TL, these important projects gain investment value. While this process continues, the improvement in the citizenship conditions announced by the government causes foreign citizens to prefer Turkey for investment.

  Citizenship was granted to those who had previously invested a million dollars in housing, and this limit was reduced to 250 thousand dollars. This allows individuals to earn more profit in later periods.

Why Choose Turkey for Investment?

Mega development investments are an element that attracts foreign investors because it is stated that the investments of these structures can be evaluated for foreigners. In this way, it makes it easier to invest in real estate such as housing, land, agricultural land. You can invest in real estate in Turkey to make the most of all the advantages provided by Turkey. There are many valid reasons for investing in Turkey. The reasons in question are generally as follows.

Ease of Trading

  Buying and selling real estate in Turkey is an extremely easy process. In line with the legal processes that have recently entered into force, you can easily make purchases immediately after choosing your home. At the same time, when you want to sell your house, you can easily perform sales transactions.

Living Costs

  The fact that living costs are much lower in Turkey compared to European countries is an excellent reason for investment in Turkey. Especially people who earn in currencies such as Euro, Dollar, and Pound can live very comfortably in Turkey.

Affordable Housing Prices

  Housing prices in Turkey are extremely affordable. Compared to other countries, affordable houses per square meter attract attention. For this reason, you can have affordable homes by paying much less.

Geographical Location and Infrastructure

  It is extremely advantageous to invest in our country, which is in an extremely good place due to its geopolitical location. With its wide housing market, strong economic infrastructure, and easy access, Turkey is among the first countries that come to mind regarding investment.

Popular Places

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