Best Turkish Breakfast in Alanya

 A splendid Turkish breakfast is one of the main highlights of the gastronomic diversity of the Republic of Turkey, and definitely a real treasure of this region.

A traditional Turkish breakfast consists of a dish of eggs, cheese, seasonal vegetables, olives, Turkish sausage, tea, pastries, honey, butter, jam, fruits, and many different additions in the form of snacks. This set varies depending on different restaurants.

Of course, each establishment has its own gastronomic signature and a special palette of tastes in serving traditional Turkish breakfasts, however, we also want to present our favorites ones in Alanya.

And we will start with the coastal zone, where establishments are located with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, the fortress of Alanya and the entire Alanya coast are open:

  • "Soul of kitchen" - a place where there is everything in the traditional sense of Turkish breakfast. They also add their own zest in the form of original sauces and snacks. This restaurant is located in the center of Alanya.
  • "Barco Blanco" in Gazipasa area near to Alanya. This restaurant is located on a rocky area on the Mediterranean Sea coast. People from all over Alanya come here to have breakfast, because in addition to a wonderful breakfast, it offers stunning views of the sea surface and the surroundings of Gazipasa.

Most of the best Turkish breakfasts are located in establishments in the mountains. From there, stunning views of the whole of Alanya open up. Among our favorites are the following establishments:

  • An incredible combination of delicious cheeses and pastries, in addition to nutella (which, by the way, is not always served everywhere) as a sweet topping, as well as insanely beautiful views from the restaurant terrace, makes Alanians come here for breakfast every single time. And what is the view of the complex of penthouses, creating the impression of a holiday in Marbella (a luxury resort in southern Spain) and the famous Puerto Banus seen in the distance. This perfect description is about the restaurant "Iyom Et ve Balık", located in the mountains of the Kargicak region.



  • "Kurşunlu Restorant" - a restaurant located in the mountains in the central part of Alanya. Breakfast with this view will be even tastier, because the height at which the restaurant is located is one of the highest among other establishments.

Alanya Fortress is also famous for its huge selection of places where you can try a traditional Turkish breakfast with breathtaking views.

  • One of these establishments is the "Muhtarın Yeri" restaurant. Taste, variety, the most friendly staff, and, of course, an incomparable view of the sea and the coast of Alanya.

Morning meals along the banks of the Dim Çay River, which is one of the main attractions of the city, are also very popular.

  • The restaurant "Dim Çayı Göl Piknik" has proven itself amazingly. In the cool season, accommodation is also provided indoors, while in the warm season people always prefer open terraces near the water.

The number of establishments with amazingly delicious traditional Turkish breakfasts is really huge, however, among them there are favorites that we have presented to you today.

Enjoy your best moments in the atmosphere of soulful breakfasts with close people!



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