Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

    Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Turkey every year. Many foreigners are so attracted to life in this country that they become investors in the Republic of Turkey. Investments are made in different spheres of the state economy. Turkey today is quite a profitable place to attract foreign investment under citizenship. By purchasing real estate in the Republic of Turkey in the amount of $ 400 at an estimated cost, the investor receives a unique right - the possibility of obtaining citizenship of this country. Today we will take a closer look at the main advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

1.    The opportunity to live in a rapidly developing powerful economic power

The Republic of Turkey is in the top 20 countries of the world economic ranking. Even despite the inflation that has been operating in the country for the last year, Turkey continues to build up its economic power at a rapid pace. The state is successfully developing agriculture, industry, tourism and other areas of the economy.

2.    Expanded field of business opportunities

The Republic of Turkey offers several profitable economic zones where you can do business with minimal tax deductions. Turkish citizens also have the right to open a sole proprietorship without the need to hire other employees.

3.    Visiting foreign countries

Citizens of Turkey can visit many world countries under a simplified system, and the country itself ranks 53rd in the international ranking of the best passports. Holders of a Turkish passport can travel visa-free to 113 countries around the world, and another 116 may require a visa.

4.    High level of educational system

Today, Turkey is actively developing the educational system, due to which students receive a high-quality education of the European level. The Republic of Turkey is a member of the Bologna process and diplomas obtained in Turkish universities are recognized in all EU countries. And 24 top universities in Turkey are included in the ranking of the leading universities in the world.

5.    Access to a high level of medicine

The level of medicine in Turkey is at a very high level. People from all over the world come here for treatment and examination. And plastic surgery and hair transplantation are especially famous. State insurance, which all citizens of the country have, makes it possible to cover the significant cost of a doctor's appointment, up to 80 percent of the cost of medicines in pharmacies.

     Having considered the various advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, we see that having a passport of the Republic of Turkey is very profitable and provides a lot of opportunities for living and working in this country.

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